After Romeo's new EP marks a turning point for the band

After Romeo is on the rise. Hot off the heels of 2014's "Bully Proof", the pop band is showcasing a different kind of sound in their newest EP "Good Things," which was released in June.

The band, made up of singers Drew Ryan Scott, Jayk Purdy, Blake English and TC Carter, are from all over the country, which is reflected in their musical background. Drew and Jayk hail from Los Vegas, whereas TC and Blake hail from Athens, Georgia. The result is a very "self-sufficient" album where every member has contributed to its overall sound.

Gone are the "bubble gum pop" music and "I love you, girl" lyrics, replaced with soulful songs that can only come from authentic human experiences. Instead of reaching out to outside producers for the EP, the band chose to evaluate their own qualities when it came to creating material this time around. had a chance to talk to After Romeo about their aptly named "Good Things" EP, why this album marks a turning point for the band and what their most excited for in the future.

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You all are from different communities. How did that help when you came together as a group -- what did each of you bring to the table?
DREW: I think we each bring something separate to the table. I write a lot so I'm in charge of a lot of songs. TC has a fashion blog and he literally helps us get dressed every day and makes sure we look good. Jayk literally handles all of our social media most of the time. He also does some of the booking stuff for us, low-key. He had an alias that he used in the past and he booked an entire tour. It was intense. And then Blake has been doing a lot of choreography since he was a kid so he does it when we don't have a choreographer handy or if we are on the road and need to clean up our moves. It's fun. We all come together and make some great things. We are a very self-sufficient group.

Can you tell us about your newest EP, 'Good Things'?
DREW: Since December, we've been working on songs and did a writing camp. We hadn't really done a writing camp before and got with some writers and producers. Each day, we did about nine songs. By the end of the week, we had almost 30 songs that we thought were great. So, we had to narrow them down. We tested those ones out on our friends and family to see which ones they liked and then went into the studio and recorded them. It was a lot of work, but the four of us have such unique tastes...

TC: We all have such different music backgrounds, different things that we like. Obviously, we try to build on it whenever possible. So, we try to take a little piece of everybody and put it into the pot, whether it's taking EDM elements, R&B elements, and all that stuff.

How does this EP differ from the ones you've done in the past?
BLAKE: That's probably the biggest difference, to be honest. We really took from us. Whereas, in the past, we've done very generic, shallow, pop songs that we had a hard time relating to and that translated into our stage show as well. But now, we are actually performing songs that we like and these are...

DREW: Songs we believe in!

TC: And these songs are coming from our own personal experiences as well. It's authentic.

What are you most excited for in the future?
JAYK: The tour, our EP just dropped, meeting fans that we see on social media.

TC: Hopefully winning this iHeartRadio contest, which would be amazing. That would mean we would be able to open up for the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas and the Macy's Parade in New York

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