Kaj Larsen, fearless journalist, dishes on his newest 'unprecedented' role as host of 'The Runner'

Official Trailer
Official Trailer

Kaj Larsen is as fearless as they come.

The award-winning journalist, who currently heads up news operations as the Los Angeles Bureau Chief for VICE News, puts his full self into everything that he does, highlighting some of the biggest conflicts and national security issues in his impressive body of work.

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Before his time on camera at Current TV and CNN, Larsen served as a US Navy SEAL for five years and was also a two-time national champion open water swimmer.

Of particular note from Larsen's storied career in journalism was when he highlighted the controversial practice of waterboarding by having himself waterboarded on TV during his time at Current TV.

Larsen's newest role is another unique addition to his incredible resumé: He's the host of the upcoming Ben Affleck and Matt Damon-produced reality competition, "The Runner," which will air on go90 and AOL.com. As the host of the show, Larsen will use his in-depth experience as a Navy SEAL to impart wisdom onto a the Runner, who is aiming to cross the country without being detected by the Chasers -- or anyone in the country, for that matter.

We caught up with Kaj Larsen over email and asked him about what he thinks it will take for a Runner to win the show, the biggest obstacles they'll face and the one piece of advice he would give to people hoping to reign victorious when it all comes to an end.

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What do you think is going to make a winning runner?

The best Runner, the most successful Runner, is going to have a combination of speed and smarts. He or She is going to have to have the ability to hide in plain sight, while still making progress on the mission. There's a phrase we say in the SEAL teams that is applicable here. In the face of any obstacles, chase teams close behind, difficult tasks, the successful Runner will be the one who despite the circumstances 'Finds a way to win' It means that you have a mentality that Failure is not an option. You find a way to win.

What major obstacles do you anticipate the runner will face?

The Runner is going to face a tremendous number of physical and mental obstacles. We have organized an incredibly intricate playing field. The challenges are difficult. And unlike other games, the Runner is not just facing a clock he is facing real people hunting him down, trying to take his very hard earned money. It's a real life national three dimensional maze with booby traps and chase teams. So trying to accomplish Runner tasks while looking over your shoulder the whole time. That's a challenge.

Why do you think people should watch?

People should watch to win crazy money. The upside here is incredible. Go90 has gone all in. Even the audience is getting paid. But beyond that the stakes are really high. There is a lot of money on the line, but these guys really have to earn it. Its going to be exciting high stakes mobile television.

With your experience, what's your best advice for the runner?

Find a way to win. No matter how cold, exhausted, scared you are, you gotta find a way to win. In the end, its not going to be about speed or intellect, although those will come into play. Its going to be about having more will to win than the other contestants.

Describe "The Runner" (the show) in three words.

Exciting. Innovative. Unprecedented.

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First Look
First Look

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