Jack Russell terrier shatters world record for balloon popping

See this pup set record by popping 100 balloons in less than 40 seconds!
See this pup set record by popping 100 balloons in less than 40 seconds!

This enthusiastic little pup is truly a talented "pop" star.

Twinkie, a Jack Russell terrier from California, has burst into history and the Guinness World Record books for popping 100 balloons faster than any other dog in the world.

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The little pup only needs 39.08 seconds to destroy the whopping number of birthday party favorites.

See Twinkie's big moment:

Twinkie smashed the previous record of 41.67 seconds set back in May 2015 on "Britain's Got Talent" by another Jack Russell named Cally the Wonderdog. The move even earned Cally a standing ovation from notorious sourpuss Simon Cowell.

Just look at Cally the Wonderdog go:


For Twinkie, balloon popping seems to be the family business.

Her mother, Anastacia, set and broke the world balloon popping record two times between 2005 and 2008, and then held it for seven incredible years.

Twinkie definitely picked up a few pointers from her mama:

We're sure that Anastacia is proud her daughter is carrying on the family legacy -- and maybe the famous pair can give this little guy some helpful popping pointers:


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