325-pound Vince Wilfork will grace the cover of ESPN's 'Body Issue'

325-Pound Vince Wilfork Dominates Pickup Basketball
325-Pound Vince Wilfork Dominates Pickup Basketball

Vince Wilfork is the Houston Texans lineman known for his leveling tackles and his enormous impact on the field. He's not the kind of guy you've seen posing naked for the cover of a magazine.

Until now, that is.

Wilfork and his 325-pound frame will grace the cover of ESPN's "Body Issue" next week, and he hopes it provides other "big guys" with the confidence it gave him.

"I just think it's a good idea for people that are bigger-boned," Wilfork told ESPN. If people can look at me, a guy that's 325-plus, doing an issue like this, I'm pretty sure that they might have a little confidence."

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One of 19 athletes who posed for the "Body Issue," Wilfork knows that he looks different than the rest of them. But he also brings something else to the table:

"Everybody knows that I have a big stomach, but I think sometimes that overshadows everything else on my body — from my calves to my back to my shoulders to my biceps; you name it," the former New England Patriot told ESPN. "What people go to the gym and work for, I have. The only thing I don't have that they got is six packs. But I really don't care about six packs."

Wilfork sent a message to his former teammate Tom Brady about his newfound modeling career:

"There will be critics, just like with everything else. I think a lot of people will get a laugh out of it, I'll tell you that," Wilfork said. "I'm looking forward to what the locker room's going to say. But at the end of the day, I'm perfectly fine with who I am as a person and what I have accomplished. It shows a lot of my personality."

The "Body Issue" will be available online on July 6 and on stands July 8.

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