The Jordan Rodgers 'Bachelorette' update: Week 5

JoJo Confronts Jordan about His Ex
JoJo Confronts Jordan about His Ex

Happy Tuesday, everybody!

After a week off from 'The Bachelorette,' we're finally all able to reconvene and talk about Aaron Rodgers' little brother some more. Not that we ever actually stopped -- you can see our Jordan Rodgers update from last week here -- but now we actually have some new things to discuss.

First off, we were treated to Good Guy Jordan attempting to diffuse the unstable bomb that is Chad Johnson (who former NFL star Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson affectionately calls 'white Chad'). Jordan presents Chad with an opportunity to apologize to the house for being, well, Chad, to which Chad responds by telling Jordan he doesn't have 'half a brain.'

Correct. He has two halves of a brain. At least, as far as we're aware. But we're not neuroscientists.

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Once Chad leaves once and for all (hopefully), we move on to the night's cocktail party and rose ceremony, neither of which really matter much to us since Jordan has already received a date rose. Despite this, he decides to take just a few minutes of JoJo's time... to play some tonsil hockey with her immediately around the corner from where the rest of the guys are just chilling on the couch. Totally fine.

Later on, we (and Jordan) are finally rewarded with the one-on-one date we (and he) have been waiting weeks for. The rest of the bachelors don't seem as pleased, however, and start speculating about Jordan's intentions and whether or not he can be trusted. The suspicious amount of football-related dates was a point of discussion (something we also noticed), as was the fact that JoJo was apparently aware of Jordan and his NFL career before filming for the show even began. Looks like our boy is the new Public Enemy #1.

The Bachelors Don't Trust Jordan
The Bachelors Don't Trust Jordan

On the date, Jordan reveals that he's falling in love with JoJo, and JoJo reveals that she met one of his ex-girlfriends. JoJo confronts him about some things that she was told, and Jordan reacts with a vague look that could either be masked fury or masked guilt. He insists that he just wasn't ready for a relationship back then. He was too focused on a football career that didn't even work out, but he's ready to settle down now.

While it seems like Jordan was a pretty terrible boyfriend to this last girl, he does say that he never cheated on her, so he gets to keep some points there. He also repeats some advice he was given as a boy -- don't say 'I love you' unless you're willing to put a ring on their finger -- which likely sent the boyfriends of all 'Bachelorette' fans into immediate anxiety attacks.

Jordan gets a rose at the end of the date as per usual, which he then celebrates by getting facials and pedicures with his partner-in-bromance, Robby.

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After an already exciting episode for Jordan, towards the end he gets called out for being part of a 'mean girls' clique that fellow bachelor Derek seemed to totally make up, unless by 'mean girls' he means 'clear frontrunners that I'm jealous of.' Good Guy Jordan again diffuses the situation and goes on to have a seemingly pleasant night.

Elsewhere in Rodgersland, big brother Aaron is sportsing super hard in what we can only assume is an attempt to remain our favorite Rodgers brother:

We miss you too, Aaron. See you soon.