Ricky Dillon relives his life's biggest milestones for memoir "Follow Me"

Writing a memoir can be a surreal process for anyone. Before you can even begin to write, you need to revisit some of your life's biggest milestones -- both good and bad. If anyone can attest to this sometimes strange and sometimes sentimental research, it's Ricky Dillon.

The young performer first got his start on YouTube, quickly gaining the attention of over 5 million dedicated followers. And since then, Dillon has dabbled in almost all creative spaces including the music industry and, most recently, publishing. He recently penned his debut memoir "Follow Me," a collection of inspiring, informative, and fun vignettes taken straight from Dillon's life. Interwoven through the narrative are a set of challenges aimed to get his readers out of their comfort zone. Whether it's dressing up in a Halloween costume to go grocery shopping or posting online what makes you feel better about your day, the challenges presented will help stretch your mind (and muscles) for the better. It's one of the first interactive memoirs that really focuses on the readers becoming part of the story itself.

So before you run to your nearest bookstore to pick up a copy or begin to complete his wacky challenges, take a moment to learn more about Ricky Dillion's newest work through the video above. We recently sat down with the viral creator to talk about what went into creating the novel (including his extensive self-reflection), what his favorite challenge was, and more!

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