10 of the most expensive burgers in America

6 Most Expensive Burgers in Vegas (Cheat Day)
6 Most Expensive Burgers in Vegas (Cheat Day)

There's nothing quite as American as a good, old-fashioned greasy burger.

Whether you like them doused in typical toppings and cheese or super gourmet varieties with ornate plating and exclusive ingredients, the right burger will always hit the spot.

And then there are some burgers that will do just that while simultaneously blowing your mind.

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We rounded up some of the most extravagant, over-the-top burgers in the country that make up for the dent they'll make in your bank account with the dent they'll make in your heart.

Well, maybe not, but these burgers look out of control in the best way!

Take a look at 10 of the most expensive and elaborate burgers in America:

Hungry, yet?

Some of these pack a punch in pounds and their size, while others are complemented by the finest of garnishes that jack their price way up.

If there's one thing we know that the U.S. does right, it's fast food. And these burgers are no exception.

Now, check out these hacks to slash the cost of your fast food order:

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