10 US industries expected to explode by 2021

What's happening with the US labor market?
What's happening with the US labor market?

When applying for a job or considering a career path, one of the most important factors is the industry's opportunity for growth and sustainability.

Luckily, the job market is on the upswing, and most industries in the US are expecting growth within the next five years.

By 2021, the U.S. job market is expected to add 7.2M jobs (which translates to a 4.6 percent increase).

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But this is just the average estimate.

Nearly one-third of industries across the US are projected to over-perform on that percentage, some expected to grow upwards of 30 percent.

CareerBuilder recently conducted a study (based on data from Emsi) to find out which industries are projected to have the strongest growth over the next five years.

Here are the top 10, very unrelated (and some unexpected) industries that are expected to multiply by massive numbers by 2021:

CEO of CareerBuilder, Matt Ferguson, explains the job market and projected growth across industries:

"Based on historical trends and the current hiring situation, we can expect to see nearly 1 in 3 industries add jobs at a rate that exceeds the national average. The growth will be broad-based, covering everything from IT services and developmental therapies to conservation, investment management, online shopping and sports instruction. When growth extends across a wide variety of industries, it's a good indicator of stability and strength in the labor market."

For the full list, visit CareerBuilder.

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