Justin Bieber may donate his chopped-off dreads to charity

Justin Bieber's Big Night
Justin Bieber's Big Night

Justin Bieber's lambasted locks could find a second life.

Bieber's dreads were replaced by a buzzcut recently, but Bieber's stylist Florido says the singer's holding onto them.

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"He wore them for maybe a month and then wanted to change up his look," Florido told Cosmopolitan after Bieber cut off his locks. "Not to mention his hair was bleached and was already fragile, plus it was knotted and teased from the dreads. We decided to just start fresh and shave it all off."

"We still have the dreads though, now we might try to slang them for a charity," Florido added.

When life gives you knotted, fragile lemons...

Check out more from the Biebs in the gallery below!

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