Man gets his head stuck inside washing machine

Man Gets Head Stuck in Washing Machine
Man Gets Head Stuck in Washing Machine

Sometimes it's best to call a professional repair service when appliances break around the house. And one man in Fuquing, China recently learned this the hard way.

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Firemen were called to an apartment Sunday afternoon after the man got his head stuck inside a washing machine, according to the Huffington Post.

The man reportedly was trying to fix his machine's drum, but had a hard time seeing it. Apparently, he thought it was a good idea to stick his head inside for a better view.

He couldn't have been more wrong!

His friends tried to free him by putting liquid soap around his head, according to Mirror.

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When that turned out to be a bust, they called in a rescue crew.

It took 40 minutes of sawing to free the victim and luckily he only suffered minor cuts to his head.

Perhaps he'll think twice before playing handyman again.