Man's hilariously long ASOS jeans take the internet by storm

Man's Hilariously Long ASOS Jeans Take The Internet By Storm

The world of fashion is ever changing, but throughout shifting norms and trends, one thing has remained constant – the standard size of an inch. However, that appears to have changed in the case of a man named George Riggall.

He ordered a pair of jeans from ASOS in his usual 32-inch inseam, but when they arrived he found they were really, really long, reports Complex.

We're not talking a bit of bunching around the ankles, either.

The pants went so far past the tips of his toes they looked like a pair of flippers.

Riggall shared hilarious photos of his purchase on Twitter, and before long he was getting all sorts of support and advice, like perhaps changing his name to "FLIPPERMAN."

He also learned he was far from alone, as others posted photos of themselves coping with similar ASOS long-pants blues, notes Mashable.

See reactions to the recent ban on skinny jeans below:

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Man's hilariously long ASOS jeans take the internet by storm
why is nc so messed up? first the bathroom crap and now New Hanover is trying to ban skinny jeans?🙃
Heard on the radio they're trying to ban skinny jeans in schools. Well glad I'm not in school bc lol wow.
Honestly if we can just ban skinny jeans period -- from school, from the mall, from my house -- I'd be OK with that
@NewHanoverCoSch I know I'm late but the ban of skinny jeans wouldn't work. that's all we own so unless you're buying us new clothes...
lmao if they ban skinny jeans I'm still gonna wear them and they're just gonna send me home everyday for wearing them so whatever 🙂
When u hear that your school trying to ban Skinny jeans & Joggers bc they are too much like tights. MAKES ME READY GO GRADUATE AND LEAVE. 👏
North Carolina School District Wants to Ban Skinny Jeans to Prevent "Bigger Girls" From Being Bullied
So that school district wants to ban skinny jeans so that big girls won't get bullied. AW. If y'all don't get y'all asses on. 😭😂

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