Woman arrested with meth disguised as burritos at the Nogales border

Those Aren't Burritos; That's $3,000 Worth of Meth
Those Aren't Burritos; That's $3,000 Worth of Meth

Sure, they may look innocent and appealing enough, but we can assure you that these burritos will do nothing to assuage your Chipotle craving.

A 23-year-old woman trying to enter the United States on Friday was arrested by Customs and Border Protection officers after they found her bag of burritos actually contained nearly a pound of methamphetamine, according to the Tucson Sentinel.

Officers in Nogales, Arizona seized the bag of meth burritos, worth about $3,000, from Susy Laborin after a drug dog alerted them to the presence of a controlled substance in her bag.

Laborin reportedly admitted she knew the burrito was stuffed with meth and said that she "was supposed to be paid $500 to transport the drugs via shuttle from Nogales to Tuscon where she would deliver them to an unknown third party."

And this is definitely not the first time someone has tried to disguise drugs as food. Customs agents have seen everything from marijuana carrots to cocaine bananas. Certainly not your average snacks.

There's even been things like opium soap and even a modern Trojan horse carrying 29 pounds of cocaine.

According to U.S. Customs and Boarder statistics, marijuana is the most seized drug at the border. It's followed by cocaine, meth and heroin respectively.

Lost your appetite yet? Here are some more drugs disguised as food, and other weird things confiscated by the TSA:

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