Social star Baby Ariel gushes about her fans


In just one year, Ariel Martin or Baby Ariel, has done what very few social influencers have in their career. The young video creator has reached over 8 million users on the app, garnered over 47 million YouTube video views, and has sustained a massive social media following of over 12 million users.

But if you ask her, it's all thanks to her dedicated fans who she interacts with on a daily basis. From talking to her followers in real-life, taking the time out to message them directly, and treating them as her friends, Ariel works just as hard trying to give back to her followers as she does creating viral videos.

So it's no surprise that her fans are top priority. When we recently spoke with the young video creator, we picked her brain on her fan relationships, favorite fan moments, and more! Read ahead to find out more about her incredible bond with her online followers.

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What is your relationship like with your fans?
I have a really good relationship with my supporters. I try to talk to them as much as possible. I'll direct message them on any of the platforms I'm using. I encourage them to tell me about themselves and I talk to them as much as possible. I never want to be distant towards them.

What has it been like getting to meet your fans in person?
It's the best feeling! I love meet and greets and being able to hug and talk to them in person. I love to hear about what they're doing, how they are.

Did you ever have a touching fan moment?
Yes! I actually went ice-skating the other day and this girl came up to me and said that she was depressed for a while, but when she saw my videos it made her really happy. I hear a lot of that over the Internet, but when I heard it in person it really validated why I do social media. I just want to make people happy.

If you could collaborate with any social star, who would it be?
Miranda Sings!

I feel like everyone says that!
I love her so much, she's just hysterical.

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