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Roy English is the poster child of the saying "Anything is possible." Putting his heart and soul into his music, the singer has worked alongside some of the biggest producers in the music industry and been a crucial part of chart-topping singles, most notably being the voice and lyricist behind Alesso's viral song "Cool" which gained over 25 million YouTube views. English, who was once homeless, quickly has become a leading artist in our generation.

English recently release a highly-anticipated three song EP titled "I'm Not Here" which flexes his versatility as a singer and songwriter. Ranging from the emotional, stripped-down confession narrative of "Oxy" to the dance-inducing beats of "Wasted Youth," The California crooner expertly navigates through genres of electronic, alternative rock, and indie, pop genres. And for fans hoping to get even more music from Roy English, we have good news for you: Part two of "I'm Not Here" will be releasing very soon.

While you're anxiously waiting for another batch of incredible songs, you can get to know the artist behind it all on a more personal level. We recently spoke to Roy English about the creation of "I'm Not Here," what it was like to revisit old lyrics from his past to create "Oxy," and the biggest thing he learned about himself while recording.

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What was the creative process like for developing your newest EP?
It was an interesting process. A lot of the songs take on so many different forms. Also, I had created songs on the EP a while back. They're all very personal songs. "Oxy" I wrote maybe five years ago and I wrote it originally to capture how I was feeling during a certain point in my life. And when I first wrote it, it was supposed to function as a movie score and it was essentially an orchestra and my voice.

And then finishing this EP, we ended up going to Haiti with the producer Michael Brun and we put the whole EP together in Haiti which was an incredible experience. It was such an interesting vibe and the culture there was so beautiful. The people are so happy, but it's a strange contrast because there are people with nothing. We were working in a beautiful studio in this mansion, but it really made me think, like why am I here on this side of the gate and not over there? I think that helped shape my mind frame and we put the EP together in a different way.

With "Cool" and Oxy you're revisiting lyrics you've written previously. What is that like for you going back to your past work?

It's always cool because music has the power to take you back to a time and a feeling. I remember when I wrote some of those songs. And re-visiting them later from a producer angle is weird. You're not in the same headspace as a producer compared to a songwriter. When you look at everything from an outsider's perspective as a producer, you can pinpoint what the artist is trying to say and try and bring that soundscape out. It's cool having that outside perspective.

What's the biggest thing you've learned about yourself while recording the new EP?
That's a good question! A lot, really. It's really crazy, but it's also beautiful to realize that you don't know where you're going to be tomorrow. You could be the biggest thing ever or homeless. I think that's the beauty in this industry. People get caught up in the idea of being a star, and sure if that happens, it's cool. But if you're doing music for those reasons, you are going to lose in the long run since you're not going to be happy. You should go into music hoping to share a piece of yourself and that's what I really learned.

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