Meet the street style maven who's making our wardrobes super jealous

Street Style - Day 3 - New York Fashion Week: Women's Fall/Winter 2016
Street Style - Day 3 - New York Fashion Week: Women's Fall/Winter 2016

If you told Danielle Bernstein four years ago that her blog, We Wore What, would soon make her one of the most influential voices in the fashion space, she probably wouldn't believe you. Starting from modest roots, We Wore What was made to be a daily inspiration blog to Danielle's friends back in Wisconsin, who were missing high-fashion while on campus at University of Wisconsin Madison. Quickly, We Wore What developed a following that far surpassed Bernstein's friend group. And today, the one-stop fashion destination has amassed a staggering 1.4 million followers on Instagram alone.

Danielle has since traded in her hopes of becoming an event planner and has pursued fashion blogging full-time. And we couldn't be happier for her decision. That's because We Wore What has mastered the art of cool girl chic, dishing out outfits that range from sleek athleisure ensembles to all-white, modern women's suiting. One scroll through her Instagram account and your wardrobe will be very jealous.

In addition to her blog, Danielle Bernstein also launched her We Wore What app, a mobile media experience that functions as an evolution on fashion and lifestyle news. While the app is still fans' go-to for fashion tips from Danielle Bernstein, it also features long form editorial and video content exclusive to the platform. Built by DWNLD, the app is fully responsive on all iOS and Android devices, and houses unique community features like discussion forums, liking and commenting. It's music to the ears of her millions of social media fans.

Between jet-setting, collaborating with other big-name fashion brands, and managing her viral accounts, Danielle Berstein is one of the busiest and stylish fashion bloggers to date. And trust us, she shows no signs of slowing down.

We recently sat down with the street style star to talk about the creation of her blog, her fashion tips and tricks, and more!

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What led you to create your blog in the first place?
We Wore What actually started out as a street style blog. I ended up going to the University of Wisconsin Madison for my freshman year of college and while I was there I so desperately needed a way to connect with fashion, since it didn't really exist on my campus. So I transferred to FIT and when I was walking around campus, I noticed so many amazing street styles. I picked up a camera, taught myself how to use it, and started photographing street style in order to provide my friends back in Wisconsin with that daily source of outfit inspiration. It was supposed to be for what should be the easiest part of your day: getting dressed in the morning. About 6-8 months into that, it turned into a personal style blog. I flipped the camera onto myself and realized that it really resonated with my readers. Two years later, I signed with an agency which legitimized my business and it became a full-time job for me. And now it's been around for four and a half years.

When did you decide you were going to do blogging full-time?
After the first full year into it. I was still in school so I had to do this presentation to my dad about why I had to take a year off from school and pursue this as a career and focus on it. And once I realized I could make money from it, I thought that I should put my everything into it.

You started fashion blogging before it became a huge market. How have you viewed its progression?
I like to say it was perfect timing because I wanted to be an event planner and work in nightlife. I knew I always loved fashion but I didn't see how it would play into my career. So the natural progression of my blog and the blogging industry as a whole growing happened together. It was such an undefined industry at the time so there was a lot of trial and error, a lot of mistakes made along the way, and many people trying to define what the industry would be. It was a crazy experience but I feel really lucky.

What is the biggest thing you've learned going through this blogging process over the past few years?
One of the biggest things I tell people is learning when to say no. It's something that is the hardest thing I've learned. Staying true to my style and aesthetic is the most important part of my blog and it's the reason why I've been able to keep the trust of my followers. So I've had to say no to brands I don't believe in, regardless of the money they've offered.

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Where do you see the progression of your career going in the next few years?
In this past year I've launched Home Wore What, He Wore What, and We Ate What, so there are a lot more lifestyle sections to my blog. There's food, interior, and men's. I also just launched my app which is a really big focus for me. I hope it gives my readers something that doesn't exist on my other platforms. There's playlists, interviews, and just more personal content there. I've had a bunch of collaborations but I have some really big ones coming up soon. I have a workout line coming up and a bathing suit collaboration coming out this summer, and I'm working on my own brand that I can't discuss yet -- but it should be really exciting!

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