The best states to grow old in may surprise you

The best state to retire in is...
The best state to retire in is...

Seniors relocate to new states for a number of reasons, including a decreased cost of living, closer proximity to friends and family, a milder climate, better benefits and overall higher quality of life.

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So when you imagine the quintessential location to spend your golden years, chances are sunny states like Florida, California and Arizona come to mind. However, these idealized retirement destinations may not be so ideal after all, according to a recent report. released a new ranking of the best states for aging, and the most affordable and stable spots for those 55 and older are probably not what you expect.

South Dakota leads the pack, with several other states in the Midwestern region trailing close behind. A few tropical locations made the list, but popular retirement state Florida didn't land a spot this year.

Click through to see the full ranking of top states for retirement: collected these ratings by incorporating data on:

  • Quality of life in a given area for residents over 55

  • Quality of healthcare

  • Long-term care

  • Support for seniors and family caregiver

  • Affordability of senior care

  • More than 100,000 ratings of senior care providers in each state

Their sources included Genworth's 2015 Cost of Care Survey, the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, and the Long-term Scorecard, a joint effort by AARP, The Commonwealth Fund and The SCAN Foundation.

Check out the slideshow above to see the full list of the best states for growing old!

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