CrazyJewishMom's Kim Friedman has one dating deal breaker -- and it's hysterical

Kate Siegel and Kim Friedman On "Mother, Can You NOT?"
Kate Siegel and Kim Friedman On "Mother, Can You NOT?"

Kim Friedman does not mess around when it comes to relationship advice. Just ask her daughter, Kate Siegel. Kate rose to internet stardom after creating the Instagram account CrazyJewishMom, which features candid, over-the-top text messages her mother sends her. And chances are for any given conversation, the topic centers on marriage.

The one million social media fans who follow Kate and Kim's adventures know all too well that Kate isn't engaged yet thanks to "SuperJew" (her mother's nickname for her long-time boyfriend who hasn't proposed). And Kim Friedman isn't shy to point that fact out. So when we all need some blunt, matter-of-fact dating advice, who better to turn to than the woman who dishes it out on the daily?

We recently sat down with Kate Siegel and Kim Friedman to talk dating deal-breakers and best first date ideas. Watch the videos below to find out their incredible advice and also Friedman's number one no-no when it comes to men's first date style. (Hint: Hipsters will not like this one).

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Listen up fellas, this hairstyle is a major flop according to Kim:


And this hairdo isn't much better:


Friedman's romantic first-date ideas are GENIUS:

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