15 Mark Zuckerberg quotes that will change the way you view business

What Zuckerberg said to developers
What Zuckerberg said to developers

It's safe to say that in one way or another, everyone's lives have been affected by Mark Zuckerberg and that little social media network he created called Facebook.

Through Facebook, people from all different parts of the world across every type of imaginable background are able to connect with one another.

Campaigns and causes can reach millions, conversations can be had about important and relevant issues and at its base level, it's made keeping in touch with people virtually effortless.

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It's safe to say then, that the man behind the website that's now become a vital part of so many people's lives, knows what it takes to create a company and a business that's both innovative, informative and revolutionary.

We rounded up some of Zuckerberg's best quotes about his business practices and entrepreneurship, and as you could've guessed, there's so much to learn from his approach.

Here are his 15 best quotes about entrepreneurship and business:

Zuckerberg knows that doing things the traditional way won't take you far.

His core ideal of wanting to connect people and listen to what they have to say is crucial in creating a brand and company that people believe in and want to engage in.

Now, check out some of the books Zuckerberg believes everyone should read:

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