Donald Trump reveals the person who has had the most influence on his life

Trump, Minaj among Time's '100 Most Influential'
Trump, Minaj among Time's '100 Most Influential'

Tuesday night, stars gathered in New York City to celebrate TIME 100, the annual list of the 100 most influential people in America assembled by TIME magazine.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and his wife Melania attended the gala which honored him as one of the most influential people, on the same evening that he swept all 5 states in Republican presidential-primary contests.

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Trumpnamed himself the "presumptive nominee" during a victory speech at Trump Tower Tuesday night but before celebrating his major win, he spoke to AOL at the TIME 100 gala, naming the person who has had the most influence in his life.

"My father," Trump said, "I learned the most from my father, about life and about business."

Trump's father, Fred Trump, was an American real estate developer who started the started the real estate development business his son now owns.

In TIME's The 100 Most Influential People issue, Trump is hailed as a rule breaker whose success comes from his audacity to challenge the status quo.

"Frankly, the U.S. is in desperate need of a leader like Trump who isn't afraid to challenge the status quo and ruffle the appropriate feathers in order to get our country back on the right track," Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers writes in her TIME profile of Trump.

Trump currently maintains his status as the GOP front-runner with 953 pledged delegates.

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