5 things you need to see from the TriBeCa Film Festival

'King Cobra' cast talks TriBeCa Film Festival
'King Cobra' cast talks TriBeCa Film Festival

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If you can believe it, the 2016 TriBeCa Film Festival has already come and gone. The 10-day long celebration of film completed its 15th year on Saturday, leaving behind more than just reminiscent movie goers. From Juliette Lewis' unforgettable post-screening performance to the Daring Women Summit, the festival has plenty worth mentioning.

We rounded up some of the most noteworthy moments from TFF, read about them below:

1. Alicia Keys' tribute to Prince:

After Prince's unexpected passing last week, celebrities and fans around the globe expressed their condolences and sadness at the loss of the iconic signer. So it comes as no surprise when Grammy-Award-winning singer Alicia Keys paid tribute to Prince during her musical performance at Manhattan's Highline Ballroom.

Keys said of the late singer on stage, according to Billboard: "We lost someone very special...Prince showed me what it means to be an artist...how to be bold and brazen."

See her induct Prince into the Rock Hall of Fame in 2002:

2. 360-documentary "The Bomb":

The last night of TriBeCa's festival ended on a high note with the extremely immersive experience -- the viewing of "The Bomb" film at New York City' Gotham Hall. According to Entertainment Weekly, it was projected on to 30-foot tall screens, and was accompanied by live music from a band known as The Acid.

The film spans the beautiful and grotesque -- featuring everything from satellite footage of earth to a mushroom cloud from an atom bomb detonation. Read more about it here.

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3. James Franco's controversial film debut:

Franco is known for his ability to shock and awe audiences either through his own life or through the roles he plays on screen, and this one was no different.

"King Cobra" follows the early career of Sean Paul Lockhart (played by Garrett Clayton) during his rise to stardom as the gay porn headliner Brent Corrigan. AOL.com had the chance to sit down with director Justin Kelly, and producers Jordan Yale Levine and Scott Levenson to discuss the controversy behind his film that premiered at TriBeCa. Read all about it here.

4. Virtual reality films and features:

It seems everywhere you turn nowadays, virtual reality has a place, TriBeCa Film Festival included. This year's festival premiered more than 30 VR entries, a storyscapes exhibit, and a VR arcade. However, TriBeCa was a bit ahead of the curve on VR -- it actually started integrating the technology all the way back in 2014.

5. Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese's must-see "Taxi Driver" reunion:

As could have been expected -- the internet collectively freaked out when De Niro and Scorsese joined together again to discuss the 40 year anniversary of "Taxi Driver" on stage at TriBeCa Film Festival. Not to mention, cast member Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel and Cybill Shepherd were there too.

"Taxi Driver" 40th Anniversary Screening Cast Portrait - 2016 Tribeca Film Festival
"Taxi Driver" 40th Anniversary Screening Cast Portrait - 2016 Tribeca Film Festival

Just look at that crew!

See the best looks from TriBeCa's Red Carpet below:

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