Three red-ruffed lemur babies take internet by storm

Three Red-Ruffed Lemur Babies Take Internet By Storm
Three Red-Ruffed Lemur Babies Take Internet By Storm

When it comes to cuteness, lemur babies, with their fuzzy little heads and giant, expressive eyes, are definitely list toppers.

Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute recently shared a video of three little ones who came into the world on April 5.

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They are of the critically endangered red-ruffed variety, and their kind originally hails from Madagascar.

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While they're a long way from their ancestral home, the babies seem to be taking to zoo life rather well, exploring their surroundings and chewing on blankets.

The newborns and the zoo's three adult red-ruffed lemurs can be seen in person at the Small Mammal House.