Man takes sleeping pills, accidentally orders a yak online

Man on Sleeping Pills Buys Live Yak
Man on Sleeping Pills Buys Live Yak

We've all made an online purchase or two that we regret. Those fuzzy, light-up slippers? Could have lived without them. A phone case with Nicolas Cage's face on it? Also, quite unnecessary.

One man recently set the bar for shameful online buys, however, when he purchased a yak in the middle of the night whilst high on sleeping pills.

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To back it up, a proof of purchase was uploaded by a friend of the unlucky recipient, and has since gained over a million views on Reddit.

As the receipt shows, the transaction for a Golden Tibetan Yak Cow occurred at 1:57 a.m. for the low, low price of $3075.99.

While the uploader doesn't provide any reasoning as to why his friend was browsing the 'YAKS N THINGS' website in the middle of the night, he does manage to give an update on what happened once he realized the gravity of his mistake.

I have an update on the Yak.

He managed to stop the payment at the credit card company. He also posted this on facebook:

"Oh I'm sure you would've all liked for me to just let them deliver it, but a) My apartment complex would boot my ass onto the street. The only thing worse than being homeless is being a homeless yak owner. b) My beagle Lucy would lose her mother f***ing mind. c) I'm an astrophysicist, not Baron Moneybags Von Richf**k so I can't just spend $3000 on a yak to amuse the Internet."

And to think, he could have become a yaktrophysicist if the deal had gone through. What a shame.

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