It's been 104 years since Jack drew that naked picture of Rose in 'Titanic' and there's evidence to prove it

Kate Winslet Talks Seeing Herself Naked in 3D
Kate Winslet Talks Seeing Herself Naked in 3D

Every "Titanic" fans knows the movie from front to back. Back in the '90s when we had VHS tapes, the film came on a two box set because the movie was so long. That's how iconic it was.

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Scenes like Jack teaching Rose how to spit might be a favorite of yours, or perhaps when Rose finally tells Cal Hockley off and spits in his face might be another. In any event, one scene that most definitely everyone remembers is the infamous nude portrait scene!

Here is the scene should you forget!

Well, if you look closely to the video above you might notice the date in which Jack draws the picture Thanks to The Academy Facebook page, we've got a much clearer version below.

April 14, 1912, just a mere 104 years ago today! "Titanic" is certainly one of those movies you can't help but love.

Check out more amazing pics from "Titanic" below!

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