This bizarre, colorful new hair trend is a cat lover's fantasy

The 'Cat Undercut' Is The Latest Trend In Hairstyles
The 'Cat Undercut' Is The Latest Trend In Hairstyles

This year has truly seen it all when it comes to crazy hair trends.

From denim hair to glow-in-the-dark hair and even fingernail hair (yes, you read that last one correctly) 2016 thus far has proved itself as the year no 'do went undone.

Today, the hair-raising trends continues in an rather unprecedented, feline-friendly way.

Though undercuts and vivid tresses have both been around for a while, as far as we can tell, Instagram user @laserb.kate, who goes by Katichka, is the first person to debut hair of this kind.

Though half her locks are a bubblegum pink and the other half electric blue, the truly inventive part of Katichka's style actually lies in what's underneath her wild dye job.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the colorful cat undercut:

So what 'do you think?

Sleepy cat undercut a little to extreme for you? Maybe 'granny hair' is a bit more your speed:

New Trend Alert: Granny Hair
New Trend Alert: Granny Hair

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