Are Harry Styles and Wiz Khalifa fashion twins? Evidence points to yes


By: Chelsea Huang

Through the years, Harry Styles has proven to be quite the style star. The former One Direction member, 22, is known for his tight pants, printed blouses and designer tastes -- not to mention his flowing locks -- but could he be taking fashion inspiration from fellow musician Wiz Khalifa?

While there's no proof the pair (Warry? Hiz?) interacts much, let alone swaps style tips, the similarities in their wardrobes are undeniable. Click through the slideshow above to see the astonishing evidence.

It's not as far-fetched as it seems-- Styles is actually a big fan of the 28-year-old "See You Again" rapper. Khalifa dished last year that the pair once met at an airport, and young Harry was very complimentary.

"I was once on the same flight as Harry Styles and he told me I would be the first rapper they'd do it with," he told The Sun.

While there's no musical collab in the works yet, we're still geeking out over their staggering style similarities.

The question remains: Is Kanye jealous of Styles' skinny stems, too?

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