Spring is here! And here are 11 reasons why you should savor the season

Celebrating Springtime In the UK
Celebrating Springtime In the UK

Springtime is officially upon us! There's nothing better than watching your days become colorful and lively, especially after a gray and dreary winter. What could possibly be wrong when our spirits are rising with the temperatures and our smiles are blooming with the flowers?

As we get deeper into the vernal season, sunshine and warmth become more of a reality -- but in case you haven't quite shaken your winter coat yet, there's no better place to see springtime come early than the Internet!

Several people took advantage of Kanvas, the new popular app that allows users to create art, videos and much more, to help get us even more pumped for spring.

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1. There's no better art inspiration than a spring setting:

2. Who needs morning coffee when you can wake up to a natural floral aroma?

3. Oh, so THAT'S why time lapse cameras were invented:

4. As sure as the sun will rise, spring follows winter:

5. Time to say goodbye to down coats and hello to plaid blankets in the park:

6. The only thing better than blooming flowers is springtime fashion:

7. Strike a pose -- spring is here:

8. Journeys are always better when there are flowers involved:

9. Today we wake up to spring, but you know what's next? Summer.

10. Until next year, winter!

11. There's nothing like spotting that first bud on a baron tree:

It's time to indulge in those new spring swimsuit styles!

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