Why Fans Love Sports: Sweet 16

$9B Bet on NCAA Tournament
$9B Bet on NCAA Tournament

Last week, we presented you with a break from the frustration of your busted brackets, and put the power back in your hands.

Divided into athletes, moments, memes and player celebrations, we opened the voting up to our readers to determine why the average 2016 fan loves sports. And, in true March Madness fashion, there have been quite a few upsets.

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A No. 1 was eliminated in the Round of 64 -- Crying Jordan of the Memes region, presenting us with the first opportunity to put the Crying Jordan on Crying Jordan himself.

In the Round of 32, we had one tie, as the 2004 Red Sox breaking the curse split the vote with Odell Beckham's ninth-seeded catch in the Moments region. As was the case in the previous round, the tie went to the higher seed, and the Sox live to see another round.

As we enter the Sweet 16, it's important to remember to get your votes in early, as the Elite Eight will tip off Thursday at noon -- leaving voting open here for just a day. You can find the complete bracket down below, along with Sweet 16 voting in real-time.

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Moments Region

(1) Red Sox Break the Curse, 2004 vs. (4) Derek Jeter's 3,000th Hit, 2011

(2) Tyree's Helmet Catch, 2007 vs. (6) Mike Piazza's HR for NY, 2001

Athletes Region

(1) Michael Phelps, 2008 vs. (5) Randy Johnson, 2002

(2) Barry Bonds, 2001 vs. (11) Tom Brady, 2003

Memes Region

(5) Playoffs?!?! vs. (8) Tim Howard Saves Everything

(2) Tom Brady's Sad Sketch vs. (3) Everything Riley Curry Does

Reactions Region

(1) Lambeau Leap vs. (5) Randy Moss Moons Green Bay

(15) Steph Curry Assuming His Shots Go In vs. (3) Joey Bat Flips

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