8 nailpolish masterpieces that look like they should be in museums

Mom Hacks: Nailpolish
Mom Hacks: Nailpolish

Social media delivers us with so many opportunities that people in previous times and generations were never privy to. Whether you're crying tears of joy over pictures of puppies or learning the best way to stay in shape through your computer, it's nearly impossible to deny the opportunities that the Internet grants us access to every single day.

One of the most popular uses of social media is to gain beauty inspiration -- from makeup tutorials to diet plans, there's no better place to share unique lifestyle techniques than through your favorite sharing apps!

And perhaps second only to food porn, there's nothing more exciting to see than social media users' creative and skilled nail designs! Several people took advantage of Kanvas, the new popular app that allows users to create art, videos and much more, to share some of the most beautiful nail art we've ever seen!

Don't have Kanvas yet? Get the free app to create your own masterpieces!

1. You'll be the belle of the ball at your next formal event with this classy design:

2. When it comes to beauty trends, sometimes less is more:

3. Fingernails are small canvases, but that doesn't mean you can't totally deck them out:

4. It's funny how something as seemingly small as your fingernails can help you light up a room:

5. You can choose to be subtle or absolutely fierce!

6. Be your own coloring box by mastering nail art!

7. Have you tried bio sculpture gel yet?

8. Even if you don't have masterpieces on your fingertips, there's no better feeling than making your nails shiny, clean and gorgeous!

Check out even more totally wild nail art:

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