You can be the judge of this astounding $3.5M converted courthouse in London

London Is Most Like New York in Real Estate, Here's Why
London Is Most Like New York in Real Estate, Here's Why

This London home will have you banging your gavel in its favor.

The building, aptly called "The Old Courthouse", is just over 2,600 square feet. 3 bedrooms (one is mezzanine style) are accompanied by a spacious open-plan kitchen and media room.

Check the home out here:

The main room features ceilings that soar up to 35 feet high, still vaulted courthouse-style.

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There's also a courtyard garden that's accessible by both bedrooms that are on the ground floor.

From the street, the building makes quite a presence, with brick and intricate etchings that drip with history and elegance.

The West Kensington home sits at around 2,600 square feet and is on the market for the equivalent of roughly $3.5M.

Arguably one of the coolest homes on the market right now? We'll let you be the judge of that.

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