Amazon is expanding its presence in the luxury shopping scene

A Tougher Review in Store for Amazon
A Tougher Review in Store for Amazon

The next logical step for growth after dominating online commerce would seem to be making the jump to physical retail stores. With its second in-person bookstore store set to open Summer 2016, Amazon is doing just that.

Amazon spokesperson Sarah Gelman confirmed the rumors of the new opening by stating:

"We are excited to be bringing Amazon Books to the University Towne Center Mall in San Diego and we are currently hiring store managers and associates."

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The mall (a typical sunny California outdoor shopping center) is known to be upscale and luxurious, much like the University Village location of the store in Seattle, the only other brick and mortar Amazon store currently in business, which opened last November.

It's clear that Amazon is making a statement to both consumers and businesses alike regarding the presence it plans to make in the world of physical retail.

The store will be a bookstore, selling hard copies of popular picks and best sellers in company with selected Amazon tablets and e-readers. Amazon has recently shut down rumors that there's a plan in the works to open hundreds of bookstores nationwide.

Perhaps it will depend on the success of this store in part with its Seattle sister location.

No other pressing details have been reported, the spokesperson urging consumers to "Stay tuned for additional details down the road."

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