This chain restaurant has the cheapest small cup of hot coffee

Coffee Chain Prints News Tweets On Coffee Sleeves
Coffee Chain Prints News Tweets On Coffee Sleeves

There's nothing like a regular, plain old cup of hot coffee to start your morning or give you a caffeine boost later in the day.

While the government has the power to standardize many things, unfortunately no leaps or bounds have been made to make all cups of coffee the same price (the struggle!)

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In an effort to find out where the best place to quickly run for an ordinary, small hot coffee, we compared prices between 10 big-name chains and our results were somewhat surprising.

The cheapest of the companies we compared ended up being Wendy's, the only one on our list to cost less than one dollar. Three places tied, with a cup costing a reasonable $1.59. The most expensive cup of coffee on our list cost $1.99, nearly double that of the cheapest.

When you put it in to perspective, you can end up saving big if you're more cautious about where you're getting your fix from, especially if it's daily.

The prices we gathered come from average prices for a small cup of coffee at all locations of these chains, so depending on where you live, the prices can vary a little lower or higher.

Take a look at what we found below:

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