This woman's high heels were confiscated by the TSA, and it's not exactly hard to see why

Woman Carrying Gun-Themed Shoes Stopped By TSA At Baltimore Airport
Woman Carrying Gun-Themed Shoes Stopped By TSA At Baltimore Airport

When it comes to style, one person's faux pas might be another person's fave trend of all time.

Fashion is about self-expression, so although the haters may disagree with your personal fashion choices, you can simply shake it off and continue letting your freak flag fly.

Unless, that is, your #OOTD involves accessories that resemble guns or bullets and you're carrying them through an airport.

Then the haters (aka the TSA) actually do get to have a say in the matter.

The Baltimore Sun reports that over the weekend, a woman passing through a checkpoint at the Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport was stopped by agents after they noticed she was toting weapon-themed shoes and bracelets in her carry-on.

The shoes, dubbed the Bondgirl-701-3 Gun Heel Platform Sandals, are one of exotic footwear manufacturer Pleaser USA's most popular items.

Though the heels are a best seller for the brand, the platforms decorated with faux bullets and the heels resembling revolvers probably don't make them the best choice to bring on an airplane.

The owner of the accessories was reportedly told she would be allowed to put the items in her checked bag, because while the agency prohibits "replica guns or ammunition" from being carried through airport security checkpoints, it does not ban such items from planes entirely.

She attempted to do so, but unfortunately found out she wouldn't have enough time.

In the interest of not missing her flight, she relinquished the wearables to security personnel -- and thank goodness she did, because otherwise it would have been up to her friends to let her know that guns accessories are actually soooooooo 2006.

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