New denim-inspired hair trend is sweeping the Internet

While different styles of jeans have come and gone through the years (R.I.P. bell bottoms and high-waters), the latest blue jean-inspired trend has nothing to do with pants whatsoever. The fad is called 'denim hair,' and draws its name from the light-blue hue that's synonymous with the Levi's and Wrangler staples.

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The popular color, which finds itself somewhere between the grey and the purple families, has been popping up recently on various beauty sites, citing it as the 'color of now'.

Also being called 'jair' on social media (jean + hair), the look seems to span a dramatic range for the people who've taken the plunge. From acid wash to indigo to true blue, the color spectrum is as dramatic as the trend itself.

One of the celebs to hop on the bandwagon is Nicole Richie, who's never been one to shy away from an out-there beauty experiment.

Check out more of the denim hair-spiration below:

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