Which candidate should drop out of the presidential race next?

Bush Suspends Campaign
When the debate season for the 2016 election cycle kicked off last year there were 17 Republicans and 5 Democrats in the mix, but those numbers have fallen drastically. Today, the two political parties have only 7 candidates left vying to become the nominee.

After the Iowa Caucuses on February 1, candidates have been dropping out left and right, but the remaining candidates pledge to stand strong — even when the polls aren't in their favor.

Who do you think should leave the race next? Weigh in below:

Donald Trump has set himself far ahead of the Republican pack thus far winning 82 delegates. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio trail behind with 17 and 16 delegates respectively. But Ben Carson and John Kasich have yet to hit double digits, and many have called for both to suspend their campaigns so that Cruz or Rubio can really compete with Trump.

The Democratic race to the nomination has been far less dramatic. After Martin O'Malley suspended his campaign on February 1, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are almost neck and neck 52 and 51 pledged delegates respectively, although Clinton has far more superdelegates.

With several U.S. states holding primary elections on Super Tuesday, this race is bound to get shaken up even more.

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