Violent tornado caught on La. security camera

Security Cams Capture Destruction of Louisiana Tornado
Security Cams Capture Destruction of Louisiana Tornado

Parts of the United States saw some extreme weather this week as Mother Nature pummeled areas like Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida with tornadoes and other damaging storms.

So far there were at least 8 deaths in the South and more than 60 tornadoes reported across the region -- which also caused hundreds of flight cancellations, havoc on the roads and widespread power outages.

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Amidst the destruction, there are some harrowing moments captured on tape. In the video above -- filmed on February 23rd around 4 p.m. in LaPlace, La. -- you can see rain soaking the ground and fierce winds tossing lawn furniture like toys. It grew so intense that one of the cameras went blank.

As the storm eventually swept past the area, the surveillance video shows debris littering the backyard and street.

There was also other damage seen in LaPlace specifically, damaging businesses and cars. Facebook user John Olynick posted the following footage from a parking lot:

Severe weather hit LaPlace today. Perhaps a tornado. We are fine and dry although we may not have power until Thursday. Reports of a lot of damage to homes, cars, and businesses

Posted by John Olynick on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

In a different location, meteorologists at The Weather Channel captured a rare event that unfolded Wednesday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Watch below:

Watch a Wall of Rain Surround Camera
Watch a Wall of Rain Surround Camera

Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari explains in the video above that a wall of rain inundated a portion of North Carolina. The footage shows the fast moving storm slam into a building, with rain hitting the windows like a wave.

The downpour was said to be traveling around 40 to 50 miles per hour.

All this weather was set to shift east, dumping up to six inches of snow in parts of the Great Lakes and interior New England through Thursday, according to The Weather Channel

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