Who said it? Donald Trump or Kanye West

15 Crazy Things Kanye West Tweeted in One Month
15 Crazy Things Kanye West Tweeted in One Month

What do a GOP presidential candidate and a rapper have in common? Typically, not much. But when you're talking about Donald Trump and Kanye West, things are different.

While Trump's and West's career paths may be completely opposite (unless Kanye's plans to run in 2020 do come to fruition), the two are undeniably moguls in their own lanes. The self-declared most influential person alive or dead and the man who has completely shaken up the 2016 presidential race have much more in common than their larger than life egos and social media presence.

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Both are known for their outspoken nature, use of Twitter, divisive views, loyal fans and grandiose ideas on how to make the world a better place. Trump, an outsider to politics, may have even been the inspiration for West's infamous 2020 presidential campaign announcement last year.

Although Kanye may be $53 million in debt and Trump's worth billions, the two have said very similar things about life, wealth, women, and more. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with who said or tweeted what.

See if you can decipher which quote is from the Donald and which is from Yeezy.

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