Greasy and juicy news for all you bacon lovers

Good News for Bacon Lovers
Good News for Bacon Lovers

Time to start bringing home more bacon...and we mean that in the most literal of terms. But with the price of bacon about to drop majorly, you might just end up with a little more money in your pocket, too.

Remember that classic concept of "supply and demand" that you slaved over and mastered in Economics class in high school? Here's a relevant and current real world example.

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Last month, it was reported by the USDA that over 62M pounds of pork bellies were in cold storage. Not only was this unexpected, but it was also the highest amount of pork bellies in storage since last May. In case you haven't made the connection, bacon comes directly from pork belly (rather, bacon is pork belly).

Originally, a drop in the supply of pork bellies was predicted, since demand for bacon has been (and was predicted to continue to be) so high.

So here's the good news. Since supply is so much higher than initially expected, demand will become much lower (since the need for the product, in this case bacon, won't be as high). And if you paid any attention in class, you know what this means: lower prices for bacon.

Bacon lover rejoice! Breakfast is about to get a whole lot greasier, and we couldn't be more excited.

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