College student shocks friends after keeping huge 'Price is Right' win a secret

'The Price Is Right' Model Wins Contestant a New Car
'The Price Is Right' Model Wins Contestant a New Car


Sam Lea, a San Diego State University senior, managed to get away with perhaps the best kept secret of his life for months after winning more than a year's worth of tuition in prizes on the popular game show "The Price is Right."

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Lea signed a waiver to be a contestant on the show in November that wouldn't allow him to share any information before the episode aired this week. So for three long months he had to keep his big win under wraps and it wasn't easy.

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"It was hard for the first month and then I kind of forgot about it. It got hard again once it hit a week before the showing," Lea said in an interview with NBC 7.

But how he revealed his big surprise to his loved ones was absolutely genius.

"I pretty much told everyone to come to our friend's house around 9:30 p.m. and they had no idea why. I just told everyone it was my day and I deserve this day," Lea told NBC 7.

It definitely was his day, the 21-year-old walked away with a whopping $73,000 dollars in prizes, which included a brand new BMW, sunglasses and even a boat.

"Now that this is publicized, if anyone wants to buy my boat, you can buy my boat," Lea joked.

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