Arkansas State University lifts brief lockdown, no armed men found

101: The School Shootings Since Sandy Hook
101: The School Shootings Since Sandy Hook

Feb 14 (Reuters) - A brief lockdown at Arkansas State University was a false alarm prompted by an erroneous report that costumed student actors were possible armed intruders, the university said Sunday.

Arkansas State had ordered its campus in Jonesboro locked down after receiving reports of two males with weapons near its student union and later of three males, all wearing black, carrying weapons along a street near the student union.

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The lockdown was soon lifted after police said they had found no one with guns. On its Facebook page, the university reported that student filmmakers were shooting a video project near the student union, and that actors were erroneously reported to police as possible gunmen.

"There was no gunman on campus," the university said.

University Police Capt. Jarrod Long said no one was arrested in the incident, and no guns were found.

Jonesboro police confirmed that no shots were fired and that city officers checking buildings found no gunmen.

Within an hour, Arkansas State said the lockdown had been lifted and that the university would resume normal operations.

The university has more than 13,100 students. The campus is located in northeastern Arkansas.

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