Polo Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 brims with luxury and glamour

Polo Ralph Lauren - Presentation - Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week
Polo Ralph Lauren - Presentation - Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week


The ladies lounged in chic, tailored coats and dreamy knits while the men sat about sipping scotch and coffee, with a beautiful Irish Setter in tow. It was the Polo Ralph Lauren Presentation -- and it was every but as glamorous as it sounds.

The classic Americana, the luxury and the perfection that is Ralph Lauren positively oozed from this season's Polo Collection and presentation, and all you need to see is the detail in the location and sets to know how much Ralph Lauren cares about each piece. You're walking into an exclusive party -- a beautiful celebration -- and it's not hard to understand why this brand will forever be a favorite around the world.

The Madison Avenue-held presentation offered champagne or Ralph's Coffee, and while we were dreaming of wearing each piece, it's nice to know that spring -- and last season's Polo collection -- are on the horizon.

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