An artist illustrated every single day he spent with his beloved wife in 365 adorable drawings

An Artist Sketched His Wife Every Day for a Year
An Artist Sketched His Wife Every Day for a Year

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, plenty of guys are scrambling to plan out their romantic obligations. But artist Curtis Wiklund brings the romance every day of the year with his sketch project.

The wedding photographer decided to make a new sketch of himself and his wife for every day of the year.

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Wiklund's sketches seek to capture the small, intimate moments of a relationship, like remodeling a house or budgeting, as well as the big ones like finding out you're expecting.

He said he was inspired by his wife's 365-day photography project in 2011, saying, "I joined her, and very unintentionally, after months of producing daily sketches, I noticed that many of my drawings were of us."

He began posting the sketches online, and they really resonated with people across the Web. Though the project is over, he's continued sketching and even started working on a coffee table collection of his works called "The Drawings of Us."

But Wiklund isn't done sketching for the book just yet. You can go to his website or Instagram to see more of his work and find updates on the book.

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