Olivia Palermo's newest project could be her prettiest collaboration yet

When it comes to celebrity styling, Olivia Palermo can do no wrong.

Her sartorial moves always seem to be one step ahead of the curve; case in point: her delicate and avant-garde wedding dress that was just really a pair of shorts. But what Palermo seems to master time after time isn't just pushing the fashion boundaries, she also manages to simultaneously straddle
contemporary and traditional worlds of design by incorporating timeless ​silhouettes with more fashion-forward embellishments. It's the perfect mix of new and old. This eye for style is probably the reason why so many incredible labels want to work with her, and we can't blame them -- have you seen her BaubleBar collection?!

So it's no surprise that one of our favorite retailers, Nordstrom, tapped into her expertise knowledge to dream up a 20 piece collection that will take your wardrobe to the next level. Denim culottes, button-down blouses, and even a nautical maxi dress make an appearance. It hits the sweet spot of being fashion-forward without being too out there, meaning really anyone can wear these staples for practically any occasion. To make it simple: these are clothes that Palermo would actually wear on the daily, which is not something you see that often when it comes to affordable collaborations.

So before you go splurging on Maison Valentino or Oscar de la Renta in order to channel your inner Olivia, know that her latest collection (with prices lower than $100) will look just as good.

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For more fashion inspiration, check out the slideshow below!

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