Donald Trump rallies in Iowa hours before caucuses

'The Trump Effect' in Iowa: Rally Attendees Share Motivation, Enthusiasm
'The Trump Effect' in Iowa: Rally Attendees Share Motivation, Enthusiasm

With just hours to go until Iowa voters head to their polling places to caucus in the first big contest of the 2016 election, Donald Trump is speaking throughout the day in various appearances across the state of Iowa.


Trump kicked off the Waterloo event on Monday by bringing his family on stage, including his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka, who he joked was perhaps moments away from giving birth.

Ivanka spoke briefly, cheering on her father and the people who support him for the "movement" they have started.

He bragged about his recent endorsements, including Jerry Falwell Jr. and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Trump also said that "Christianity is under siege," and vowed to fight back against those efforts.

The rally comes as all eyes are on Trump and his closest rivals, Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio, who hope to steal some of the businessman's thunder.

While Trump still holds a lead in Iowa in the latest polls, Cruz has been nipping at his heels and Rubio has seen a recent surge, according to the polling averages from Real Clear Politics.

Trump lashed out at Cruz Monday morning, questioning his ability to serve as president again amid questions over his citizenship. Cruz, who was born in Canada, has insisted that his mother's American citizenship status automatically qualified him as a "natural-born citizen" as the Constitution requires all presidents to be.

See photos of Trump's recent event, from when he skipped the debate:

Trump, however, says it's not entirely clear that the legal argument Cruz makes is legitimate.

"That's a big cloud over his head, and I say he should try and remove that cloud by asking for a declaratory judgement to the courts," Trump said Monday morning during an appearance on TODAY. Numerous lawyers have come out saying that he's not allowed to run, he's not allowed to serve as president. That's a tough thing, and I think that's affected him quite a bit by a lot of people, frankly."

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Donald Trump: Cruz Should Get 'Declaratory Judgment' on Eligibility to Run
Donald Trump: Cruz Should Get 'Declaratory Judgment' on Eligibility to Run

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