Photographic proof that while fast food may be bad, it's so, SO good


No one really defends fast food with the argument that it holds lots of health benefits -- if you make the decision to pick up a Big Mac or a Whopper, you're probably not adhering to a low-calorie diet. That being said, fast food is an international delicacy of sorts that people take unbelievable pleasure in partaking in -- even if that pleasure is a guilty one.

Fast food is no exception to the delicious food that makes its way on to social media -- people are just as excited to share pics of their salty french fries as their gourmet surf 'n turf. Several social media gurus took to Kanvas, the new popular app that allows users to create art, videos and much more, to share evidence of just how delicious their fast food meals were.

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Who knew fried, salted potatoes could be so delicious?

Real love is creating a hashtag with your French fries:

Every. Single. Slice.

The expression goes, 'nothing feels as good as cheeseburgers taste,' right?

Everything's better when it's covered in Nutella:

If loving fast food makes us fools, so be it:

Next doctor's appointment, just tell your physician how many fries you ate when he/she tries to weigh you:

These foods are much less scary than lions and tigers and bears:

If all else fails, we'll marry our burrito bowls:

Now indulge yourself in some international fast food porn:

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