Angry ISIS woman bashes 'hoejabis' for wearing high heels

How Does ISIS Recruit Women?
How Does ISIS Recruit Women?

A woman who joined the Islamic State is using the messaging app Telegram to attack "trashy" Muslim women for sporting high heels or wearing makeup while also wearing the hijab, an Islamic headscarf.

Called Umm Isa Al Amrikiah, the woman describes herself as an American woman who moved to the Islamic State's territory in Syria. In a Telegram group that she runs, she routinely posts angry and offensive rants, pictures of weapons and ISIS propaganda, Vocativ discovered. Recently, she attracted attention for hating on men who sought her advice on joining the terror group. Last week, she went on a hateful tirade against women she insists aren't modest enough, reaching an audience of almost 500 followers who subscribe to her channel on Telegram.

"Are you a hijabi or a hoejabi?" she wrote in a post she shared on the messaging app. "Wait, let me word it better so you can understand: are you a prostitute or a Muslimah?" She goes on, saying it's wrong to look "pretty" or "cute" in a hijab, and comparing those who do to prostitutes. She specifically rails against Muslim women who wear tight clothing, "excessive" amounts of perfume or "so much make up you need a shovel to take it off." Plucking eyebrows? In her eyes that's pure evil.

ISIS 1 Umm Isa

A post about 'hoejabis' Umma Isa al Amrikiah wrote on Telegram.

The diatribe could offer insight as to how women are expected to dress—and verbally abused if they don't follow the rules—under ISIS. It also highlights how supporters—and even members—of the Islamic State use social media to disperse hateful and aggressive messages to audiences who would otherwise be outside the reach of the terror group's tentacles. Umm Isa Al Amrikiah says her Telegram group is dedicated to everyone seeking to move to ISIS territory. More broadly, Telegram has grown increasingly popular in recent months among ISIS supporters.

Aside from bashing "hoejabis," Umm Isa Al Amrikiah has also used the cloud-based messaging app to demand that Muslim women stop taking selfies and delete their pictures from social media.

ISIS Umm Isa Modesty1

Shiloach, Gilad

It is unclear what role the woman has in ISIS' ranks. In the past, she uploaded a picture allegedly showing a suicide belt. "May Allah grant me the opportunity to use it soon, to grant me the honor to sacrifice myself for Him, for His religion (to kill the infidels)," she wrote. Another post showed pink free weights alongside a Kalashnikov and a tub of Nutella.


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