Demi Lovato posts unretouched selfie in nothing but bra and underwear

Demi Lovato Celebrates Body Confidence
Demi Lovato Celebrates Body Confidence

Demi Lovato wants her fans to know that there's nothing wrong with being #CONFIDENT.

The singer took to Instagram Tuesday to share an unretouched, makeup-free mirror picture of herself wearing just a black bra and underwear. The photo was taken while Lovato was on set for her recent "Allure" cover shoot.

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"Behind the scenes (and bathroom door) of my Allure cover shoot.." she wrote. "Posting a #nophotoshop pic because I'm proud to show my body the way it naturally is.. (And there was great lighting...)"

Lovato has been adamant recently that she's shed any lingering insecurities that she's had about her body recently, continually flaunting her enviable body on Instagram to prove that she doesn't care how she looks. She echoed those sentiments in the "Allure" interview, too.

"I've never felt as confident in my skin as I do today," she explained. "A year ago, every inch of my body was covered by clothing and it was because I was hiding behind so many layers. Once I started to feel better about myself, I felt better about showing more skin."

See photos of Demi Lovato from over the years:

The star, who has been dating Wilder Valderrama for six years now, also touched on the outfits she has been wearing on stage lately, which have been showing increasingly more skin.

"Wearing a tank top on stage is extremely liberating," she said. "You're no longer getting the insecure Demi!"

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