Meals-on-wheels program accidentally serves dog food

Meals on Wheels Program Accidentally Serves Dog Food
Meals on Wheels Program Accidentally Serves Dog Food

A German meals-on-wheels program is apologizing after a few of its elderly patrons were accidentally served high-end dog food.

Charity workers mistakenly read the label of a high-end dog food brand and fed it to some senior citizens, thinking it was for humans. The label on the glass jar described the contents as "venison and potatoes with garden vegetables."

Apparently, on the lid,in teeny, tiny letters, were also the words "gourmet food for animals."

One of the seniors definitely ate the meal but another was a little sketched out by what he saw...or smelled. He started to heat up the dish but decided not to eat it because the stench was so bad. The head of the charity apologized and says it will make sure his workers check the groceries a little more carefully in the future.

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