The best minimalist jewelry pieces to gift this holiday season

Buying jewelry for anyone is tough. So the added pressure of gifting someone special during the holiday season doesn't make shopping for beautiful baubles any easier. Thankfully, designer trends are on your side.

Minimalist pieces not only are sleek and pretty, but are also are so delicate that the accessory works with just about all personality (and fashion) types. It also doesn't hurt that the fine jewelry is also in style. It's for a good reason: understated, elegant, and covetable designs really do speak volumes, even if they're not as flashy as other picks on the market. And on top of it all, the precious metals will really last the test of time.

Basically any way you slice it, they make for some of the most fool-proof presents to give.

But let's be clear: not all pieces are made equal. When shopping for minimalist jewelry, you want to make sure they're not too run of the mill. Looking for creations that incorporate elevated designs, such as encrusted accents or geometric complexity, is key.

So to help get your shopping carts started, we've rounded up some of our favorite online finds, including intricate embossed rings, subtle statement collars, and even an sparkly bangle (or three).

Your family, friends, and Secret Santa recipients will thank you.

For more holiday shopping inspiration, scroll through the gallery below!

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