OnlyOnAOL: Ace baker Duff Goldman whips up a globe-trotting gift list

Duff Goldman Talks 'Duff Till Dawn' and "Kids Baking Championship'
Duff Goldman Talks 'Duff Till Dawn' and "Kids Baking Championship'


Ace baker Duff Goldman whips up a globe-trotting gift list

1- 3 month continuous eurail pass from "I travel with zero plans. I like to have a rough idea of where I want to go, but I don't like being tied down to schedules, so a train pass is perfect. Go or stay wherever, whenever, and for how long you want. You get the pass and you literally don't have to think about travel for the rest of the trip. Wanna spend a few more days in Prague with that cutie you met from Argentina? Do it, no change fees!"

REI Deuter Quantum 70+10 travel pack: "This pack is awesome. It's big enough to hold enough clothes for a few months without being stupidly huge, and it has a smaller daypack attached to it so you don't have to dig through everything you own just to find your lip balm. And you aren't one of those idiots who wears an external frame backpack to the Louvre."

20,000 mAh high capacity portable dual usb solar charger and power bank battery "This little gem keeps those digitally addicted people from freaking out when they get under 20% battery life on their phone. Never sit in a Parisian coffee shop plugged in for a few hours when you could be gallivanting along the Seine while the sun charges your phone."

A selection of 20 Lonely Planet guides: "These are the best gifts. Buy someone a bunch of Lonely Planet guides (which are always incredibly accurate out in the field) and watch as their wanderlust is kindled. Get a whole bunch of different guides for different places and see where they end up going. I never go anywhere without a Lonely Planet guide, and they have saved my ass on more than a few occasions. Like in Guatemala, in a truck with two flats, on a dirt road, on a volcano, and I was able to find a tire repair shop...for a dollar."

Boker Deluxe Safety Razor set: "I try to be good to my face when traveling. Hygiene is so important when you're on the road. Feeling fresh does wonders to keep you going when your dogs start barkin.'"

Timberland 6-inch Midnight Green Lineman boots: "Take care of your feet! You need them! A good pair of Tims will keep your dogs happy and functioning as they should. Traveling right means you will be asking A LOT of your feet. Treat 'em right. Also, Tims are great on the trail, in the mud, on the street, and clean up pretty good for an evening at Noma if you happen to be in Denmark."

Helly Hansen HHComfort Wool Base layer set: "You can always take it off. I'm always prepared for cold weather. You never know, and to avoid spending money on emergency weather gear. Helly Hansen is the best cold weather gear out there. If it's good enough for the North Pole, it's good enough for a chilly night in Torino."

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