College athlete surprises girlfriend with incredible proposal

College Football Star Shocks Girlfriend with Surprise Proposal on Jumbotron
College Football Star Shocks Girlfriend with Surprise Proposal on Jumbotron

An Alabama college athlete left it all on the field when he surprised his unsuspecting girlfriend by proposing using the football stadium's jumbotron.

Ashley Kotero, 23, thought she was surprising her boyfriend, Auburn University's senior quarterback Jonathan Wallace, with a hero's farewell after the couple attended the school's football awards banquet on Saturday.

"The athletics director, Jay Jacobs, texted me saying he needed my help with a top secret surprise. They wanted to send Jonathan out on a really high note," Kotero told INSIDE EDITION.

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After leading him blindfolded out onto the field to the 50-yard line, Kotero was shocked to find Wallace on one knee with the words "Will You Marry Me?" displayed on the big screen.

"He said 'I actually have a surprise for you' and that's when my heart dropped," she said.

With many of their friends and family present, Wallace asked Kotero to marry him.

"It popped up on the board and I was just in shock, in a good way. I turned back around and he was kneeling on one knee," she said.

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The proposal surprised Kotero, who said the couple had discussed getting engaged but she was caught completely unaware when he popped the question.

"It was really everything I could've dreamt of and more," she told IE. "Having all of our close family and friends there... it meant a lot."

The couple, who has been together for a year and eight months, plans to get married in 2017. A video of the moment has gone viral, amassing more than 16,000 views in a few days' time.

"This is unreal, I have to pinch myself," Kotero said of the video's popularity. "I love how people are able to share in that moment with us. Having that video is so sweet, I get emotional every time I watch it."

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